The right post structure for the right dream reader

Did you know that the blog text has its own structure according to which the posts are written? This post structure helps the reader read the post from start to finish and even follow the call to action at the end.

I will not go through its post structure in more detail here, as I have written a comprehensive post about it here .

Not everyone reads all posts. For example, a reader who wants to buy is specifically looking for customer experiences with a product or service. There is a separate post structure for this.

Added value and teaching is done with a different post structure

I want to bring these up, because if posts are not read or are quickly deleted, then you should pay attention to the post structure.

Post marketing and SEO

Little by little, we have gone through the basics of Hong Kong Phone Number List business blogging and the factors influencing success. Before I get to the topic of the title (I know the introduction has been long). I want to emphasize the importance of marketing posts.

As you read at the beginning of the post, more than 90% of sites get no traffic at all from Google. I can agree with this with the deep chest voice of experience, because I notice a lot that search engine optimization has not been done on companies’ websites at all.

When SEO is done the right way, even such results can be obtained:

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But even if SEO is done, optimizing just the home page for search engines brings a new challenge.

I’ll take interior designers Phone Number List  as an example. If every interior designer working in Finland optimizes their website with the term “interior designer”, it will be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

This causes that in order to stand out, the entrepreneur has to pay the SEO partner to do paid advertising. This is of course one option, but it requires a regular advertising budget.

On the other hand, if there is a company blog in connection with the homepage. Where content of interest to customers is produced, we can optimize these posts for search engines. So that potential customers can find the blog and homepage more easily. This way we are also able to clearly stand out from the crowd and competitors.

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