This is how you make €100,000 a year with a business blog

This is how you make €100,000 a year with a business blog. In this article, I will go through with you in detail how you harness a business blog as the cornerstone of your company’s marketing.

Table of contents of the post:

  1. What is business blogging not?
  2. Why start business blogging?
  3. Why does a company need a blog?
  4. A business blog starts with a topic limitation
  5. A dream reader is not the same as a dream customer
  6. Usability and Canada Phone Number List user-friendliness of the company blog
  7. Navigating the business blog
  8. Trusted Business Blog
  9. The correct address structure helps to get readers in the future as well
  10. The appearance of the blog and the entire site
  11. The right post structure for the right dream reader
  12. Post marketing and SEO
  13. 12-month strategy for €100,000 turnover
  14. Summary

Blogging has long been considered just a diary-like stream of thoughts. At the other extreme, there are large corporations that produce content so full of jargon that even a lawyer doesn’t want to understand it.

This is how you make €100,000 a year with a business blog

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Blogging for companies is nothing new. Business blogging gives many opportunities to expand the business and at the same time free up time for other tasks. Using a blog as a basis for content marketing* helps companies to market and sell their own products and services even directly automatically.

However, it’s not quite as simple as “I’ll write a couple of posts and then I’ll wait for customers…”

When Yritysblogi is taken as part of inbound marketing* , it starts to automatically bring new customers to the company, e.g. From Google with the help  Phone Number List of search engine optimization. Customers are directly targeted, because they are looking for information that you talk about in your blog.

Especially small entrepreneurs, startup companies and growth companies benefit a lot from business blogging these days. If your goal is to sell the business one day, I definitely recommend adding a business blog to your homepage.

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